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Dox Records is an Amsterdam-based record label focused on jazz and experimental music. Working in close collaboration with our diverse roster of adventurous artists, we support their development of a long-term sustainable career and a dedicated fanbase. Drawing from our broad network of partners in territories around the world, we design tailor-made plans for the effective international release and promotion of their music. Strategically planning these label efforts in addition to any existing plans or partners involved, ensures the artist is supported with an integral label-live-promotion approach to maximize impact. In addition to releasing our recording artists, we offer label services to independent niche record labels and artists in need of label management, digital and/or physical distribution, DSP promotion, and/or label administration. Our tailor-made approach enables them to focus on developing their artistic activities with the support of an experienced back office and dedicated team.

Dox Records is part of Dox Amsterdam, including booking agency Dox Live, publishing department Dox Publishing and our marketing branch Dox Concepts. We are proud of our artist-first approach which has been the essence of Dox since it was founded in 1997 by members of the jazz outfit Sfeq. In our 25 years of building the careers of numerous artists, we have established a wide international network of label and distribution partners, press, venues/festivals and promotors. Combining networks and expertise, the company divisions amplify each other in supporting our artists in the most impactful way possible.

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