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Ilia Rayskin

The Netherlands

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Ilia Rayskin is one of the most promising, upcoming drummers in the Netherlands.

From early on, Ilia was exposed to a large variety of music on a daily basis. After playing the violin for a few years, he picked up the drums at the age of ten. It became clear very quickly that he had a talent for the instrument and a unique voice which is characterised by his energetic approach and versatility across a wide range of musical genres. Currently, he is performing regularly with renowned musicians around Europe, as well as leading and performing with his own project, INTROSPECTIONS and countless other groups.

As a musician and person Ilia continuously strives to develop and learn. He takes influence from a very broad scope of musical styles including contemporary classical music, jazz, avant-garde and rock. His versatility across genres is a core characteristic of his unique voice. Ilia is eager to explore things out of his comfort zone and is always looking for new sources of inspiration. He is currently leading and co-leading countless projects such as his own bands ‘INTROSPECTIONS’ and ‘Februarist’, as well as countless sideman projects including: Hristo Goleminov Octet, Līva Dumpe Quintet, Fabien Vuattoux ‘Spear/Sparrows’ and Matteo Mazzu’s TUMULT.


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