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Ben van Gelder

Release: 16/06/2023

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The latest record by saxophonist and composer Ben van Gelder (1988) is a mesmerizing tribute to the complexity of human nature. Delivered by an impressive international octet, Manifold showcases a broad and dynamic musical spectrum. The music is inspired by a fascination with the church organ. Van Gelder authentically reveals the underappreciated versatility of this majestic instrument, masterfully executed by the highly acclaimed British organist Kit Downes. The organ breathes, propels, and is driven by an endless flow of air. To Van Gelder this symbolizes an exchange between our physical existence and a world that transcends our understanding.

The music is a reflection of the times we live in, where it is made plain that the symbiosis between the audience and musicians is essential. A concert is a shared experience, and this album underscores the collective spiritual act that a live performance aims to manifest. In addition to celebrating the complexity of human nature, the music is a call to embrace what binds us.


releases June 16, 2023

Line up:
Ben van Gelder - alto saxophone and flute
Kit Downes - pipe organ
Fuensanta - voice and lyrics
Joris Roloefs - bass clarinet
Hristo Goleminov - tenor saxophone
Jean-Paul EstiƩvenart - trumpet
Antoine Pierre - drums
Tijs Klaassen - bass

All compositions and arrangements by Ben van Gelder

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