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Marking Time

Gijs Idema

Release: 28/08/2020

Full Length

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"'Marking Time' is the result of a spontaneous recording session of just a couple of hours in the Amsterdam based 'Workship'. The recording represents the state of being in the moment and making intuitive and emotional choices about where the music has to go next.

In these times I often find myself stressed about the speed and, at the same time, lack of time passing. This led me to experiment with different improvisations on guitar, never longer than four minutes. You could say this album is the direct result of this 'marking time' of mine. Although marking time is mostly explained as a negative phenomenon, I think the opposite could be achieved by allowing yourself to experience time in a different pace. This is one of the most beautiful elements of music to me, both as a listener and a performer.

-Gijs Idema


released August 28, 2020

All songs performed by Gijs Idema

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