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Nordic Stew

Lassy - Eskola

Release: 23/02/2024

Full Length

A powerful fusion of Scandinavian jazz and New Orleans' rich musical heritage, the upcoming album by Finnish duo Jukka Eskola (trumpet) and Timo Lassy (saxophone) is a remarkable testament to the power of collaboration and connection. Rooted in their long history of playing together, shared love for jazz and their strong individual sounds which become even stronger when combined, the project was born from a desire to explore and create something unique together.

The duo traveled to New Orleans, a city that lives and breathes music, with its streets filled with sounds of jazz, marching bands, and local traditions like Mardi Gras. The city's unique vibe and architecture, dating back to the 19th century, made it the perfect backdrop for their musical journey. The decision to work in New Orleans was also influenced by the city's history of connecting with Finnish culture. Around 100 years ago, Finnish immigrants traveled to the United States and later returned to Finland, bringing jazz records and influencing the development of Finnish jazz.

Eskola and Lassy reached out to legendary musicians in New Orleans to join their project, securing the talents of drummer Herlin Riley, trombonist Delfeayo Marsalis, piano player David Torkanowsky, bassist Roland Guerin, tuba player Kirk Joseph and other influential musicians in the New Orleans scene. The Finnish duo meticulously prepared for their three-day studio session with detailed arrangements, ensuring that their vision was effectively communicated to their New Orleans collaborators.

The album's sound evolved in the studio as the musicians adapted to each other's styles, resulting in a vibrant mix of Nordic jazz, New Orleans grooves, and Afrobeat influences. The album symbolizes a Nordic melting pot of musical influences and styles, as a stew represents a universal dish that every culture has its own version of. The upcoming album is a powerful fusion of Finnish jazz and New Orleans' rich musical heritage, serving as a testament to the power of collaboration and connection.

Looking ahead, Eskola and Lassy are excited to take their music on the road, performing with both the musicians from the album and with different ensembles worldwide. Their journey reflects the power of music to connect people, regardless of cultural differences or geographical barriers, as they bring their innovative fusion of Helsinki and New Orleans jazz to audiences everywhere.

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