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Bughouse: The ERUS/ARC Sessions

Benjamin Herman

Release: 3/05/2024

Full Length

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Benjamin Herman – Alto and soprano Saxophone
Reinier Baas – Guitar
Peter Peskens – Bass
Olav van den Berg – Drums
Tracks 1-8 recorded by Simon Akkermans at Epic Rainbow Unicorn Studio, Rotterdam 24-27 October 2023
Tracks 9-22 recorded by Menno Bakker at Amsterdam Recording Company, Amsterdam 29-30 August and 16-17 November 2022

1,2,4,7 mixed by Simon Akkermans
3,5,6,8 mixed by Daan Duurland
9-22 mixed by Menno Bakker
Mastered by Jerboa
All songs wrtten by Benjamin Herman except ‘Funny What?’ by Misha Mengelberg and ‘Au Privave’ by Charlie Parker
Cover art & design by Randy Linskens
Produced by Benjamin Herman for Roach Records
Released by Dox Records

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