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Benjamin Herman

Release: 27/11/2008

Full Length

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In 2008 Benjamin Herman released Hypochristmastreefuzz (More Mengelberg). Herman found yet another direction by recording compositions by Misha Mengelberg, the godfather of the Dutch improvisation scene. In addition to his trio, featuring bass veteran Ernst Glerum and Joost Patocka, the drummer of Rita Reys (officially Europe’s First Lady of Jazz), the album includes philicorda, mellotron, the velvet voice of Ruben Hein (young and talented jazz singer), a children’s choir and Dutch guitar hero Anton Goudsmit.

Hypochristmastreefuzz is a timeless and joyful album. Herman: “in 2001 I released a live album together with Misha. Just like then I have tried to interpret his music in my own way. His work is so well composed, that interpretations of any kind are possible. And as with all big composers in jazz, one’s personality is always recognisable in his music, no matter what you do with it.”


All compositions by Mischa Mengelberg

Benjamin Herman - alto sax
Ernst Glerum - double bas, philicorda on tracks 2 and 9
Joost Patocka - drums
Anton Goudsmit - guitar on tracks 2 and 6
Ruben Hein - vocals on track 4
Willem Friede - mellotron and mellotron arrangement on track 4
Eline Herman, Juliette Herman, Dido Friede, Lotus Friede, Sofie Patocka - choir on track 8

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