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Cloud Studies

Idema/Serierse Quartet

Release: 19/05/2023

Full length

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In the Idema/Serierse Quartet, guitarist Gijs Idema and vocalist Anna Serierse are seeking new ways to blend vocals and guitar together. From a more sound-focused perspective, they aim to achieve a unique blend between their two instruments, supported by the solid foundation of Cas Jiskoot on double bass and Tim Hennekes on drums.

Their debut album Motus (2020) demonstrates how Anna Serierse and Gijs Idema have gained opposite experiences during their studies abroad - from the calm and serenity of Trondheim to the hustle and bustle of New York. 

Shortly after the release of their debut album, Gijs and Anna retreat to work on new material. Inspired by the cloud studies of painters William Turner and John Constable, the duo seeks new starting points for their writing process. In addition to musical ideas, the two now also incorporate visual elements into their joint writing sessions, translating certain painting styles to their own musical canvas.

The album Cloud Studies (2023) takes us to the next phase of the band. While Motus already gave a glimpse of Idema and Serierse's promising compositions, Cloud Studies fully immerses the listener in the quartet's new sonic landscape.

Gijs Idema - guitar
Anna Serierse - voice
Cas Jiskoot - double bass
Tim Hennekes - drums

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