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Electric Monkey Sessions 2

New Cool Collective

Release: 24/11/2017

Full Length

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"Remembering the vibe of our Electric Monkey Sessions recordings in 2014 we just had to go back to that same place and it's owner, engineer Kasper Frenkel.

Again, the eight of us, all in the same room, bouncing off each other, while Kasper captures the moment, adding a bit of extra flavour with his Lee "Scratch" Perry style dub set-up. Old school recording, a couple of takes for each song, some even straight to tape, no overdubs (well, hardly any…).

We're excited! We're proud of this album and anxious to play the tracks live.“

-New Cool Collective


released November 24, 2017

All compositions by New Cool Collective
(Van Dok, Friede, De Haas, Herman, Kroon, López, Rockefeller and Ronde)

Benjamin Herman - Saxophones
David Rockefeller - Trumpet, Trombone
Rory Ronde - Guitar
Willem Friede - Keyboard Instruments
Leslie López - Electric Bass
Joost Kroon - Drums
Jos de Haas - Timbales, Bongo, Percussion
Frank van Dok - Congas, Percussion

Vocals on “Limakwa” by all

Produced by New Cool Collective, Executive Producer: Dox Records

Recorded and mixed by Kasper Frenkel at Electric Monkey, Amsterdam, NL
Mastered by Bob Olhsson at Audio Mastery, Nashville, US

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