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Sugar Protocol

New Cool Collective

Release: 19/09/2009

Full Length

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With New Cool Collective being known for their unique sound, there are proving right on their 8th album more than ever. After the last, very successful, album ‘Out Of Office’ which was released in Japan, Greece, Germany and the Benelux they return with a instant classic.

Jazz already was no longer the standard for New Cool Collective, mixing various sounds into one, on Sugar Protocol they mix the ultimate Cuban rhythms with traditional African tribe sound to one complete new feel.

Working together on Sugar Protocol with famous Cuban rumberos ‘Los Papines’ and African band ‘Mapacha Africa’ makes this album a musical trip throughout the jungle’s of Africa and the typical musical Cuban feel al mixed with the New Cool Collective jazz, groove, salsa and Latin Dance. A musical bridge between Cuba, Africa & Europe.


Track 1 composed by New Cool Collective & Los Papines
Track 5 composed by New Cool Collective, Los Papines & Mapacha Africa
Tracks 2, 4, 7 & 9 composed by Mapacha Africa, arranged by New Cool Collective
Tracks 3, 6 & 8 composed by Los Papines, arranged by New Cool Collective

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