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Trippin' (Reissue)

New Cool Collective feat. Tony Allen

Release: 18/11/2022

Full Length

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“In 2005 we set out to record an album reflecting this and came up with some great tracks full of energetic ideas from all kinds of sources. After touring with Tony Allen and Ali Boulo Santo we decided to open our music even further. We booked Studio 150 and invited Tony to stick around in Amsterdam for an extra day. Instead of recording Willem’s big band charts we wanted to see what would happen without a safety net and decided to wing it.

We would have been happy with one or hopefully two extra tracks, but six hours later we had a whole cd. Each tune is improvised, beamed down directly from something that just happened to be in the air that day. We tied up a few loose ends afterwards, but basically what you hear is the sound of nine guys creating music in its purest form. This and our previously recorded material were way too much for one cd. Instead of cutting everything down to bite size fragments we decided to give you an uncut version of the pure New Cool Collective Sound. This became the double-cd Trippin’ which we released in 2006. More than 15 years later the tracks find their way to the format that suits them best: a vinyl record”

– New Cool Collective


released November 18, 2022

Tony Allen drums

Benjamin Herman - alto & c-melody saxophones/flute
David Rockefeller trumpet/trombone
Anton Goudsmit guitar
Willem Friede fender rhodes/electronics
Leslie López bass
Joost Kroon drums
Jos de Haas percussion
Frank van Dok congas

All songs written by New Cool Collective and Tony Allen

Produced by New Cool Collective and Joeri Saal
Recorded and mixed at Studio 150 by Joeri Saal
Mastered by Zlaya at Loud

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