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It all started in 1993 in the Amsterdam based Soul Kitchen where Benjamin Herman and DJ Graham B collaborated. With Graham B playing a dj set and Benjamin playing saxophone, the first version of what would ultimately become the 8-man formation New Cool Collective (NCC), was born. Playing a familiar mix of Jazz, Dance, Latin, Salsa, Afrobeat and Boogaloo.

After some changes in the lineup during the 90s New Cool Collective pushed on. In 2004 after a trip to Uganda they rebooted their recording career with their first of a string of albums on Dox Records. Trippin was released as a double album featuring Afrobeat legend Tony Allen on drums. After which their yearly album releases would lead to bookings at pop and jazz festivals like Roskilde (Denmark), Fuji Rock (Japan), Lowlands (The Netherlands), Montreal Jazz (Canada), Cape Town Jazz (South Africa), Sziget (Hungary) and gigs in Senegal, Costa Rica, Korea, Kenya, Indonesia and many more.

New Cool Collective has released the impressive amount of 20 albums within the last 25 years. With an astonishingly diverse list of collaborations ranging from Matt Bianco to Orchestra Baobab’s saxman Thierno Koité. Awards for film scores, hit records, popularity polls, and even a style award for Benjamin’s impeccable wardrobe. New Cool Collective has become an extremely tight unit, totally at ease performing on live television shows, stage plays, giant stages, tiny clubs, jazz festivals, pop festivals, world music festivals and anything else you can think of.


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